Adam Jacobson

The short and clinical answer is that therapy is an effective way to respond to the difficulties in one's life. The less clinical answer is that the pain and anxiety people experience in their lives is all too real and all too constant. As a result, people sometimes come to feel that talking to an expert outside of their circle would help. Sometimes people come to therapy because a distressing experience or crisis as occurred. At these times the call to talk is urgent. At other times the process that leads to calling a therapist is a more gradual awareness that one is not feeling good about themselves and/or their life. For example, one might wake up one day feeling nervous and uncertain for yet another consecutive day and say to themselves, "I am completely sick of this feeling of anxiety and tired of constantly worrying about disappointing others. I am tired of eating and drinking to distract myself. I am tired of worrying about seemingly trivial things. I need to talk to someone." In another scenario they might ask, "Why do my relationships leave me unfulfilled and bored after only a few months while my friends seem so happy? Why can't I meet somebody decent?"

Feeling alone in dealing with these tough kinds of issues can be very difficult. In such situations bringing a therapist into the picture for help is an understandable response and not uncommon.
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